Lakewood, WA: Lakewold Gardens | Alice & Jeff |

Meet Alice and Jeff. Upon introduction, it is quite apparent that they share a deep love for each other. They wear their hearts on their sleeves, and unintentionally draw you in with their infectious enthusiasm. Planning meetings were consistently peppered with warm hugs and fits of laughter. The whole process was such a pleasure.Their English garden wedding, was in part, inspired by Alice's own English heritage and her grandmother's garden. Lakewold Garden's historical house and traditional gardens provided the perfect back drop to their Jane Austin styled soiree. The mansion, brick walkways, boxwood hedges, and roses infused the loving, modern ceremony with old world tradition. Dinner was held on the brick patio with a roof of wisteria. During toasts, Moose, the best man, presented Jeff with a sword that was shortly there after used to cut the cake. During the evening, a "cigarette" girl served Jon Boy Caramels and Theo chocolate from her tray. For the final send off, Alice and Jeff exited under an arch of sparklers into a vintage Princess Limousine, and into the start of married life. A big thanks to Courtney Bowlden Photography for beautifully capturing the day. A&J, we wish you both the best and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
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Planning/coordination and day of stationery: Maris Events (that us!)
Catering, bar, and rentals: Occasions Catering
DJ: Bamboo Beats (DJ Gumbeaux)
Make up: GlamourCris
Hair: Abbe from Oohla's