Union, WA: Alderbrook Resort | Jessica & Morgan |

We were smitten with Jess and Mo from our first consultation. Not only were they knock your socks off sweet, they also happened to be dancers who planned on getting married at one of our favorite properties, AND had already booked JennyGG (photographer extraordinaire, friend, and past client of ours) and one of our first officiant friends in the industry Annemarie Juhlian. It was a win for all. J & M 's vision of fun, barefoot on the lawn playing games and dancing, sounded great to us. Thanks to the awesome cast (vendors and guests alike), but most of all, thank you to our two lovely stars Jessica and Morgan for sharing their beautiful celebration with us.

PS- we can't wait to see the video of that choreographed number!

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Venue, catering, hair and makeup: Alderbrook Resort and Spa

Photographer: JennyGG

Planner/Coordinator, signage, and games: Maris Events (that's us!)

Video: Pixel Dust

DJ: Events Tacoma

Officiant: Annemarie Juhlian

Florist: First and Bloom

Dessert: Tortes n' Tarts