Seattle, WA: Keren and Deva's Woodland Park Zoo Wedding

What a weekend, eh?! SCOTUS, rainbow sidewalks, a giant parade, a city (and nation!) uniting in love, acceptance, and equality. Our Facebook feeds have never been so colorful! Congratulations to those across the nation that will now be able to legally recognize their loved ones that could not do so previously. Love is love. Today we share with you two beautiful souls that we were so fortunate to work with last summer. Keren and Deva were so gracious, they exuded kindness and love, even while planning their nuptials, working/living in different cities and finishing a doctorate (congratulations Deva!). Their wedding was one of those perfect June days,  warm enough to make the rose garden at Woodland Park Zoo come alive with fragrance without scorching the guests. It was an intimate gathering of family and friends, intrinsically feminine, done in lavender, cream, draping and twinkly lights (Aria Style). Be sure to check out the beautiful custom chuppah and Ketubah- which were exquisite! Furthermore, what is a zoo wedding without a guest peacock? Thank you Kelly for the wonderful photos, and a big thank you to Keren and Deva for bringing us on board!

Happy one year! Best of luck to you both!

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Venue: Woodland Park Zoo

Photos: Kelly Stonelake Photography

Coordination: Maris Events (that's us!)

Floral and Design: Aria Style

Hair and Make Up: Gary Manuel

Accommodation: Chelsea Station Inn

Catering: Lancer Hospitality

Cake: New Renaissance Cakes

DJ: James McKee

String trio: Archobaleno Strings

Officiant: Rabbi Daniel Septimus