Ellen and Cory- Melrose Market Studios- Seattle, WA

Hello from Northern Ireland! Now that things have settled down a wee bit (see I'm already picking up the lingo!), I'll be getting us up to speed on our backlog of awesome events we are excited to finally share with you. First up on the docket is a couple that I recently got to reconnect with (one half at least!) over some gin and St. Germain downtown. Meet Ellen and Cory. These two love birds got hitched in May a year ago at Melrose Market Studios. Their evening soiree was planned by Ellen's pro planner friend (and spitfire ex college roommate) Juli Crompe. Alissa and I only wish we could have been along for the ride on the whole process, because the handful of planning sessions that we attended at the end had us in stitches. Thanks again Juli for bringing us on board!

As architects and nature lovers with more than a modicum of joie de vivre, Ellen and Cory's wedding melded Capitol Hill's historic industrial chic aesthetic with urban garden party. The brick room was awash in bistro and candle light, marquee signs, moody marsala and green hues, long communal tables and romantic floral with eclectic vessels courtesy of Bash and Bloom. So dreamy. Desserts? Oh, it was sweet tooth heaven with no less than 4 local vendors providing all the faves for the dessert bar, and to top it off, the MOB made meringues as guest favors.  Bravo to these two for making their day completely their own. They had a leg up being super crafty creatives, they even managed to whip out their marquee signs when they decided that the Etsy versions where overpriced.

Thanks to Alyssa of Alyssa Wilcox Photography, who provided us with such lovely photos to share.

Best of luck to you E+C on all of your adventures! Ellen and Juli, thanks for the barrel of laughs, I hope we all get to swap some more stories in the not too distant future (with Alissa too!).



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Venue: Melrose Market Studios

Photographer: Alyssa Wilcox

Planning: Juli Crompe

Coordination: Maris Events (that's us!)

Catering and bar: Ravishing Radish

Floral: Bash and Bloom

Sweet treats: The Sweetside (cake), Ba Bar (macarons), High Five Pie (mini pies), The Confectional (mini cheesecakes)

Stationery: Moo

DJ: Ben Meadow Music

Photobooth: 1000 Words Events

Hair and makeup: Swink Style Bar

Rings: Robbins Brothers

Wedding dress and shoes: Nordstrom (Dress designer Olia Zavozina, Shoes by Carvela)

Suits: J Crew