Maris- The Inside Scoop

This is a very bitter sweet blog post for me to write and beware, it is about to get personal :) You may have heard the buzz about a change in our company and I want to give you the official inside scoop. As you know, Meredith and I have been inseparable friends since high school. Here's a quick back story on us and how we got here -- if you didn't already read it on our website. It all began in high school-dissecting frogs in biology. Meredith had a firm grip on the scalpel while Alissa charted the way (and did all she could to avoid vomiting.) From that moment on, an inseparable friendship was to commence. The perfect balance of opposites, these two made an impeccable team from the get-go. After having babies 6 weeks apart and leaving their corporate jobs in the event industry, these two embarked on their own adventure that became Maris Events. --Summing up 15 years of friendship in one tiny paragraph is tough business. So, let me treat your eyes to a few illustrations of our past years...

Throwing it WAY back to high school…yep, we were drama nerds together and that's our BFF Emilie. We are still three musketeers.



The glorious days of formal dances...

Mer Liss prom

Meredith is wearing my pants in this picture and I'm pretty sure I'm wearing her shirt. That's how it was. My closet was hers and hers was mine. We were sisters more than friends and we were inseparable. Nearly every single day of our Senior year was spent together, especially that last summer after high school. The fresh smell of 18 was in the air and we were free! When you reminisce about days gone by and summer nights, this is exactly where my mind goes. To the summer after we graduated. We spent nearly every day at the beach (as you can tell, we did a little bit of sunbathing), driving her Pathfinder around town, chasing boys and living care free.

Mer Liss pic

Flash forward a few years through world traveling, college graduation, our own weddings and never losing touch- we were thrilled to find out we were both going to be new moms, and due just 3 weeks apart! At this time Mer was working for lululemon doing grassroots marketing and events and I was working for Marriott managing corporate events. After the below two blessings entered our life, we decided to leave our corporate jobs and embark on this grand adventure of Maris Events.


We have had 6 amazing seasons of weddings together. From the early days...


to our last wedding together last week.


Although, our adventure is far from over. It will be much different in the years to come. Rather than working side by side here in Seattle, we will be working internationally. Meredith has had an amazing opportunity to move with her family to Northern Ireland. Her hubby had a fantastic opportunity there and in a matter of months, they sold their home, cars, the majority of their belongings, took a leap of faith and made the move to Belfast. I am so excited for the adventure that awaits them on the other side of the pond!

This was our final goodbye picture (our girls are BFF's too)…the sunglasses were very strategic.


[Now, I'm going to be a downer for a minute] In all truth, I'm totally excited for them but the other half of me is sad beyond words. I will miss our daily conversations about a million different things. I will miss having her by my side to attend events with. I will miss being able to make the short drive to her house to let our kids play together while we worked on our latest Maris idea. I will miss her making fun of the amount of cream I put in my coffee and I will miss making fun of her crazy driving, and riding in the car with said driving. I will miss getting to laugh together about a memory from a wedding we worked in tandem on. I will miss having her next to me every day in Maris world. After all, she is more than my best friend, she is more like my sister. We will have to make due with weekly Skype sessions! [Downer period over now] :)

So, what's next??? Well, as a good planner does, we roll with the punches and we are making lemonade out of our lemons! We've spent the past couple of years building a fabulous team here in Seattle and as you are aware from our last big announcement, we have a new Associate Planner, Ellie Haisch, on board. I'm thrilled to step into the drivers seat here at home in Seattle with Ellie as my right hand woman. Mer and I will continue to work in tandem on everything we can remotely. We've got big things in store and I've never felt quite as passionate and excited about foraging a new journey ahead as I do now. I look back over the past 5 years and am so proud and excited to see what Mer and I have created together. I can't wait to continue developing and growing Maris Events into the company that has been our vision for so long. To add to the excitement, we are thrilled to announce that we will be taking on destination European weddings in the near future with Meredith at the helm of that ship. I figure I'll give her a week or so to get settled over there before re-branding us into international planners :) Just kidding- but stay tuned, we will let you know when we do!

So, as this last week marked the end of one Maris era, we are more than excited to venture into our next one. It is going to be a good ride!