A recipe for a fabulous wedding, as seen at Seattle's Edgewater Hotel

All weddings are magical. Okay, at least the ones we've had the pleasure of attending.  This particular wedding was special to me for a number of reasons, all of which will be spelled out in the following... "Recipe for a fabulous wedding". Ingredients:

One DJ/dancer groom laced with an infectious laugh and smile (and wisely, buys his bride expensive chocolate)

One stunning dancer bride, sprinkled with a quick wit (and occasionally plays the banjo)

Love, and a lot of it

One Grade A bushel of fun family, friends, and [ahem] dance friends

One small, prime quality bridal party

One whole washed and prepped water-view ballroom at the Edgewater Hotel, with a shiny dance floor

A carefully curated collection of foraged songs- sans the painfully predictable ones. (You know which ones I mean)

Two hands full of lovingly mulled over vows

One first dance, made from years of practice, stewed and marinated in one of bachata's most romantic songs "Carina"

Generous arm loads of stunning florals

Glasses of liquid libations (to taste)

A table full of sweet tooth inspired treats

100+ plates full of delicious locally sourced cuisine

A generous dash of photographs taken

One sweet event planner

One savory event planner/friend, who may or may not have been seen occasionally spinning on the dance floor.


Combine all ingredients thoughtfully and thoroughly, pour into the pan, and bake on "HOT" for a good 4 hours or more.


Et voilà!


Congratulations Ed and Salome! It was such a pleasure to be part of your day. Cheers, Meredith (and Alissa)


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Photography:  Letter M Photography

Planning/coordination: Maris Events

Venue, catering, bar service: Edgewater Hotel

Florals, rentals: Althauser Design

Table name cards, invitations, save-the-dates, favors: the bride Salome

Dessert: Dianne's Delights

DJ/Emcee: Dja Soufka on the groom's equipment

Officiant: Laura the groom's sister

Hair, makeup: Venia Beauty